Mahalabia Recipe

Mahalabia is a arabic sweet it’s also known as’s a milk pudding. This dessert is popular in turkey, Israel, and other Mediterranean countries.

prep 10 minutes

cook 20 minutes

serve 6

Ingredients of Mahalabia

  • 1 litter Milk 
  • 165gm White Sugar 
  • 50gm Milk Powder 
  • 70gm Corn Flour 
  • 15gm Rose Water
  •  3gm Cardamom Powder

How to make Mahalabia?

On a pan put milk powder , sugar , cardamom powder and 900gm milk together. Then make it hot until boiling.In another pan put corn flour, 100gm milk and rose water. All should be mix altogether.After boiling the first mixture put into the second pan and mix until it becomes thick ( if not gating thick make it hot but be careful it will become very hard). Now your Mahalabia is ready. Put in a small bowl and make it cold.

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