How to make perfect luqaimat (lokma)


Luqaimat has to many names in to many languages. In turki it’s known as a lokma. It’s very famous in Arabic country . 

prep 15 minutes

cook 30 minutes

serve 6

Ingredients of Luqaimat.

  • 500gm All-purpose Flour
  • 340gm Yogurt 
  • 10gm Dry Yeast
  • 0.5 gm Saffron Colour 
  • 30ml Corn Oil
  • 310ml Normal Water 
  • 10gm Cardamom Powder 
  • 1 litter Frying Oil
  • 500 Sugar 
  • 5gm Lemon Juice 

How to make Luqaimat? 

First start with luqaimat batter.

In a mixing bowl put yogurt,oil,and water and mix altogether.Now put flour,yeast,saffron colour in same bowl and mix altogether for 5 minutes (make sure there’s no lamps)Now cover the bowl and keep in a warm place for 2 hours.

Now time for sugar syrup.

Take a pan and put sugar,lemon juice and 250gm water Boil for few minutes for the syrup to be formed.After that allow it to cool .

Now finally time for making luqaimat.

Make hot the frying oil on a pan around 140c Now use a spoon to giving round shape of luqaimat and put batter on oil Fry it until golden colour,after that remove the pieces and allow to cool.
Now put the pieces in sugar syrup and serve the delicious Luqaimat.

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